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Not my kinda music, but I sort of like it anyway:D Got some ok parts and some pretty damn tasty ones. The most apprent flaw of this song is that the drums kinda drown, so you could probably benefit from eq'ing them in somehow. You probably have to turn down the rest of the mix aswell.

Track is more or less flawless in terms of mixing. It's also a pretty damn solid song. So 2 for 2 there. Only thing I'm missing is a bit more dynamic songstructure. Almost all the different parts feels really loud. Now in most cases that's pretty much a necessity, but it think you're missing out on alot of potential suspense. Except from that I'm not crazy about that noise sound that seems to accentuate the bass at around 01:57 and so on. Anyways it's a really solid track. You should be happy with yourself on this one :D

Denn-C responds:

Thanks for the review dude! And yes! You are very right haha. There is hardly any dynamic at the drop because I fuck up my mixes by boosting every sounds to it's maximum. that's the disadvantage of having headphones alone. Need more volume lol x)

Sick sound on this one! Intro was crazy good, but seems like the sub bass and bass (or what it is) creates this loud bass sound that pops out of the mix around 1:15 and similar parts. Might be intentional, but I find it a bit annoying. Gets a little repetive after a while so you might wanna throw in an occasional odd sound or synth. But as I said, really great sound on the song. You should be proud:)

Bitfrost responds:

thanks for the review, yeah that sound was intentional but it wasn't supposed to be that loud. Its fixed now so it should all sound better. I changed a few more things to mix it up a little, though it still has a repetitive feel but that's how i wanted it. Thanks again, i appreciate it.


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